Viva Training

Choose the Right Word!

  • What’s the difference between flammable and inflammable
  • Should it be less than 12 items or fewer than 12 items
  • Are the drinks complementary or complimentary? 
  • When do I use it’s, and when its? 
  • Are clichés OK, or should I avoid them like the plague?  
  • Why do people say Whom shall I say is calling? 

You will find answers to these questions and more in How Much Can a Koala Bear? A Guide to Commonly Confused Words. This handy reference to difficult and confusable words is easy to read, and fun to browse though. Keep it handy on your desk.

  • Reflects current Australian usage
  • Straightforward A – Z layout
  • Over 900 entries

Now available!  



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                     Price: AU$24.95, plus $5.00 S&H



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