Viva Training
What participants say about the learning experience:


I enjoyed the interactive exercises. The short videos were informative and fun!
Pravinen M, Accounts Manager
I received the outcome I was looking for and achieved everything I set out to achieve in this ocurse. Stong engaging program. Booklet was great and easy for overviewing.'
Sarah H.,TAL Limited.
Pam was very personable and made the day interesting and informative.
Nick O'H., AGITG
Loved how it was interactive yet still factual.
Clare W., Men of League
Good exercises, clear examples, great workbook, excellent variety, knowledgeable facilitator.
David, BEC
Best training I have attended in years.
Local Government Employee
This instructor is a true expert in her field. She is engaging and very entertaining. Her use of visuals made the information particularly understandable. I would be very grateful to be given an opportunity to attend more of her excellent courses.
Manager, U.S. Department of Justice
I was very impressed with the high energy put into the presentation. The variability of the exercises helped to keep what could have been a very dry subject (business writing) fun. Thanks for the help.
Social Worker, State Government
Instructor is excellent, and makes the learning experience enjoyable.
Local Government Employee
Pamela was very effective, clear and concise in her presentation. Very thorough.
Administrator, Washington Metro
Pam made the learning fun.
Administrative Officer, US National Nuclear Security Administration


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